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“Westminster 'Conomics' an advert for Independence” - Salmond

“Under Tory rule Britain leads the world into recession and leaves Scottish families facing a winter of shivering amid Scotland’s energy plenty.”

This was said by ALBA leader, Alex Salmond, reacting to Jeremy Hunt’s financial statement

Commenting Alex Salmond said:

“The Chancellor is engaged in “Tory Conomics”, blaming international trends for a recession actually made in Downing Street. Hunt claims that the coming recession has been caused by sky-high gas prices, ignoring the gross Tory incompetence which had wrecked the country’s finances.

However, how does this exercise in Conomics then explain plunging Scotland into recession, a country which produces 5 times as much gas as we consume and is already more than self-sufficient in electricity generation from non-hydrocarbons?

Soon we will be producing many times Scotland’s requirements from clean, green low cost power. To add future insult to current injury Hunt then commits Scotland’s money to subsidise new nuclear follies in England which cost twice as much and rising to generate power compared to offshore wind.

Energy rich Scotland should be rolling in prosperity. Instead our country is being covered in poverty.

Hunt’s Westminster Conomics are an advert for Scottish independence.”

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