What is ALBA's strategy on independence?

What is ALBA's strategy on independence?

I am starting to think that just asking for permission from Westminster may not work. What else can we do?


Simply asking Westminster for a referendum has never and will never work. Following the SNP's winning of a majority in the Scottish Parliament in 2011 under the leadership of Alex Salmond, the then First Minister understood that the only way to get Westminster to agree to a referendum was to make the granting of a Section 30 Order the least painful option for them. This tactic led to the complete handing over of control of the franchise and timing of the referendum to the Scottish Parliament.

Following Alex Salmond's resignation, the SNP leadership changed their tactics, ruling out any referendum that Westminster had not agreed to, effectively handing Scotland's soveriegnty over to the Conservative & Unionist Party in London.

Ever since ALBA's formation in 2021 we have put forward a wide range of strategies to progress Scotland's cause and bend Westminster to the will of the people of Scotland. You can read our full independence strategy here.

For ALBA, Scotland's right to self-determination is more than just an electoral slogun or a guarentee of a hefty cheque for the next five years, it's the reason for our existence. For so long as a hundered ALBA members remain, it always will be.