Windfall Tax

Scotland's Vast Resources

The vast North Sea Energy Windfall Tax income must be used to overcome the unprecedented pressures on Scottish family budgets caused by spiralling inflation, extraordinary energy prices and the cost of living crisis.

Scotland is already self-sufficient in renewable electricity generation as well as gas supplies yet we have the only Oil Capital in the world that has become significantly poorer with a crippling debt that has accumulated only due to the fact that Scotland's World Energy Capital has been forced to fund the accommodation and development of Britain, Europe and the world's Oil and Gas industry for 50 years with no financial support.

In over half a century of organic fossil fuel extraction, and with 25% of Europe’s renewable energy potential, the people of Scotland have yet to benefit from our proven and dependable energy resources that should have secured our financial and energy independence.

We support the following immediate actions to fairly distribute Energy Windfall Tax funds, establish a Scottish publicly owned non profit energy company, permanently secure Scotland’s energy and financial independence while confirming our nation's position as a responsible global citizen and European leader that can supply our fellow Scottish citizens and the world with stable, safe, secure and dependable organic and renewable energy.

Proceeds of the Energy Windfall Tax entirely devoted to overcome unprecedented financial pressures on Scottish families, providing the World Energy Capital with infrastructure, services and asset alignment comparable with competing world energy cities and eradicating Scotland's World Energy Capital debt.

Endorse with urgency the ALBA policy to establish a World Energy Capital based Scottish energy company with a public stake as of right in every major renewable and all other energy resource project licences so that the Scottish people can benefit from our vast renewable and organic energy resources.

Immediate emergency increase in North Sea gas output along with permanent increased production and supply of all Scotland's energy sources to provide affordability for fellow Scottish citizens.

Further endorsement of ALBA's Scottish carbon capture initiative with licensing of oil and gas projects conditional on participation in the project and plans for CO2 disposal and a World Energy Capital based organisation be formed and permanently core funded by the Scottish Government to represent these aims while promoting the provision of Scotland's stable and safe energies to every country in the world.