ALBA MP Says Scotland can be WMD FREE from Day One of Independence as he Demands Answers on Trident Safety, Radiation Leaks and Nuclear Convoys

Alba Westminster Leader Neale Hanvey MP  will use an Adjournment Debate which he has secured in the House of Commons today (Friday 26 January) to argue that “Scotland can be nuclear weapons free from day one of Independence” while also demanding answers of the UK Defence minister on issues that have been reported in The National such as radiation leaks, concerns about the operational safety of the nuclear fleet and the transportation of radioactive nuclear material across Scotland.

Speaking prior to his debate Neal Hanvey MP said:

“Scotland can choose to be WMD free from day one of Independence.  There is no military justification for Scotland to possess nuclear weapons and certainly no moral one.  I will be using the debate to make it clear that the majority of people in Scotland remain opposed to these obscene weapons and that an independent Scotland will have no truck with them.

“As well as setting out the huge and escalating cost of the Trident programme I will also be demanding answers on issues such as the radiation leaks which have  been revealed in parliamentary answers to me and reported by The National.  I will also be  pressing the Defence Minister to state how much radioactive nuclear material is being transported from AWE Aldermaston to RNAD Coulport?, How many convoys have there been over the last five years? and what is the extent of the risk to which communities and the general population have been exposed to over that time?

“It is these questions and many more to which the public quite rightly demand and deserve answers to.”

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