Work, wages and welfare

ALBA’s economic recovery package is about replacing the old, poorly paid jobs we're losing in the Covid crisis with new, well-paid productive jobs, and this is the first step towards crushing inequality.

Wherever we can use public policy to encourage employers to introduce more industrial democracy we should. Giving workers a say in how a company is run helps to improve the productivity of the company, increase wages and give employees a greater feeling of respect.

Greater support for cooperatives create more businesses in which workers have a stake.

Our housing package will give everyone the option of a top-quality home at a rent they can afford. Our hope is that people will again choose quality rental options and not see them as second-best.

For those who need extra help we should double Education Maintenance Allowance and take away its stringent conditions, to help reduce the poverty related attainment gap and make life easier to live.

Introduce a £500 Annual payment to every low income household in Scotland to tackle deprivation and, in particular, to help them with big costs that are otherwise unaffordable on low pay or benefits.

Introduce a fuel poverty package with regular monitoring of an indicator of fuel poverty, a major programme to reinsulate houses to keep bills low, a review of the Energy Company Obligation to include more households, incentivise and if necessary punish landlords to make them improve energy efficiency and the establishment of a Scottish Fuel Poverty Fund to help out those in acute need.

Support a Good Food Nation Bill to introduce a legal 'right to food' in Scotland to make tackling food poverty a legally-enforceable requirement for public agencies.

Provide free school breakfasts and lunches for all early years, primary and secondary school pupils, to make sure that no child starts the day hungry and every child gets at least two good meals a day.

Recognise that women suffer most from poverty and that the above package of measures will benefit women most in tackling poverty.

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