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"Scotland's Independence - not something for the hereafter, but for the here and now." Alex Salmond, ALBA Party Leader

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Election 2024

Our core belief is independence for our country and a Westminster Election this year gives Scotland the opportunity to start putting in place a team with a comprehensive strategy to get us there.

Read our independence strategy in our Policies section, check out which ALBA candidates are standing in the election and see what events are taking place near you.

Our Candidates - Election 2024

A lot has changed since the 2014 referendum and the ALBA Party has produced The WEE ALBA Book - The Updated Case For Scotland's Independence. Read, share and donate to help ALBA reach as many households in Scotland.

Read the WEE ALBA Book Here
Campaigning for Scotland's Independence

Campaigning for Scotland's Independence

Campaigning for Scotland's Independence

Find your Local ALBA Campaign Unit now to join the campaign for Scotland's independence.