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April 22, 06:00 PM Virtual

Equalities Discussion Forum – BAME and Disabled People

A discussion forum with ALBA party candidates and external guest speakers to discuss the protection and advancement of BAME and Disabled People’s rights and protections in Scotland.

BAME Discussion 6 – 7 pm

Chair: Delia Henry
Co-Chair: Shahid Farooq
Guest Speaker: TBC

Disabled People (7 – 8 pm)

Chair: Corri Wilson
Co-Chair: Josh Robertson
Guest Speaker: TBC




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This is how we accelerate independence for Scotland.

Almost one of two pro-independence votes go to waste because of the Additional Member System (AMS) used in Scottish elections.

The #Supermajority strategy creates the opportunity to secure over one million additional votes for independence.

Understand the #Supermajority Strategy
Scotland is at a crossroads.

This is our chance to build back our country for all who call Scotland home.

The Alba Party supports the promotion of all Scotland’s interests and the building of an economically successful and socially-just independent country.

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Your Alba Party Candidates

Your Alba Party Candidates

Alba Party has a team of candidates with the experience and calibre necessary to ensure Scotland recovers from the Covid pandemic and to steer our nation through the transition to independence.