ALBA Aberdeen - Women's Update

Carol Fraser is the Women's Officer for the Alba Aberdeen LACU. She has a First Class Honours Degree in Computing from the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen and spent 7 years in the UAE where she and her husband established an international legal firm in 2003. Now back in Aberdeen, Carol became aware of the threat to women's rights and child safeguarding in around 2016 and has been campaigning against trans ideology ever since. A lifelong supporter of Scottish Independence, she was a member of the SNP for many years and is a founder member of the Alba party.



A resume of what we have been doing since the New Year and a look ahead to coming events.


1. Scottish Prison Service demonstration which we attended in Edinburgh. A great event filled with passion and we now have a piper! The new guidance for England & Wales is better than Scottish guidance but neither is good for women. MBM Policy Analysts are worth looking up for details. Ash Regan has been keeping the pressure up in Holyrood.

2. Some of our Alba Aberdeen women joined the Women’s Rights Network. We took part in the Aberdeen park run then leafleted afterwards at the park run followed by leafleting at a local shopping centre. Our photo was included in the Womens Rights Network video published to celebrate International Women’s Day. We also attended Neale’s excellent WRN zoom event.

3. We wrote letters to MPs and MSPs re various topics such as the conversion therapy bill. Conversion therapy legislation is on the agenda at both Holyrood & Westminster.

4. We Supported and shared Irish women’s info and social media posts over the recent attempts to remove and reduce the role of mother in the Irish constitution. Against all the odds the Vote No No campaign was successful thanks to an inspired campaign by grassroots activists – most of who were women.

5. FWS granted leave to appeal to Court of Session re definition of woman in EA 1020. Lots of legal commentators saying how significant this is, especially as it applies across the UK. We have shared this one to death!

6. We have been raising awareness that in Scotland the entire “expert” panel formed to look at the conversion therapy bill is made up of trans activists. Again letters have been sent to parliamentarians on this which have also included the sharing of the excellent Wings article on this very subject.

7. Aberdeenshire Council had a consultation which closed recently re single v mixed sex toilets in council premises, including schools. Again we publicised and shared this through various means. (Worth keeping an eye on as this would be in breach of the EA 2010 and the School Premises (General Requirements and Standards) (Scotland) Regulations 1967.)

Events coming up


1. This Saturday 16th March - some of our Alba Aberdeen women members will be attending the Women Wont Wheesht event in Dundee to stand up and protect women’s existing sex based rights.

2. 23rd March – Alloa Women’s Festival – again our members are attending, networking and participating.

3. 1st April – The dreaded Hate Crime Bill comes into force. We are researching and planning a strategy for this along with women from other organisations.

4. 6th April - Let Women Speak event in Edinburgh with Kellie-Jay Keen. This will be big! Alba women will not be deterred from attending despite threats that arise over these events.