Alba Party Beats Global Ban - Sunak Vampire Ad delivered to 10,000 households

Alex SALMOND’s Alba Party have delivered 10,000 of their Rishi Sunak Vampire Ads to households in Rutherglen and Hamilton West in response to a media giant censuring their campaign.

Last week Alba Party had campaign posters censured by Global which depicted Prime Minister Rishi Sunak feasting on Scotland’s Oil in a campaign that the party wished to use to highlight the country’s energy potential.

Alex Salmond’s Party say they’ve now got around the ban and thanks to the Global censure were able to muster their activists to delivering the poster in leaflet form to 10,000 households in Rutherglen and Hamilton West at the weekend.

Speaking to Alba Party members, Alex Salmond said:

“Given that GLOBAL have banned the people of Rutherglen and Hamilton West from the opportunity to see our poster, I thought we would beat their ban by delivering it in leaflet form through EVERY door. Thus on Sunday in our special “beat the ban- stuff GLOBAL” leafletting session we managed to make contact with 10,000 doors on one day.

Alba Party members have ensured that a London company’s arrogance provides the spark to ignite a campaign on the theft of Scotland’s resources.”

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