ALBA label Sarwar as Starmer’s Labour Puppet in Scotland

ALBA Party have warned Scots not to risk voting for a “Labour puppet as London’s Voice in Scotland.”

The Party have released their latest campaign poster (Pictured) that takes aim at Sir Keir Starmer in response to comments he made about Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar.

Speaking during a campaign event in Scotland on Friday, Keir Starmer told journalists “WHATEVER I say will be what Anas says.”

When the leader of the Opposition was asked whether, as prime minister, he would negotiate on independence with the SNP if the party won “the most” Westminster seats at a General Election, Mr Sarwar began to answer, before Starmer was asked to give his view.

He replied: “Well, whatever I say will be what Anas says. So it doesn't really matter which of us says it because we work as a team and we speak as a team.”

Sarwar has recently performed public U-turns, on issues such as the devolution of employment laws after UK Labour stepped in to rule it out.

ALBA Party General Secretary Chris McEleny has been quick to condemn Starmer’s comments as he warns Scots “not to vote for Labour if they want a party that will stand up for Scotland.”

Commenting ALBA Party’s McEleny said:

“We have known for a long time in Scotland that the Scottish Labour Party are just a branch office that will do what it’s told when it’s told. However, it seems clear today that Anas Sarwar is viewed by Keir Starmer as a Labour puppet and London’s Voice in Scotland.

“Starmer might want to fob off the democratic reality that Scots have voted for an independence referendum in election after election. However, if the SNP agree with Alex Salmond’s plan for a Scotland United pro independence electoral pact, the General election won’t be about how many seats Labour will win off of the SNP but rather how many of the few remaining unionist seats will survive. With that mandate we can enter straight into independence negotiations with the UK Government.”

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