Alba Party invite SNP at Westminster to join call to axe Gender Reforms

Alba Party have lodged a motion at Westminster and have invited SNP MPs who have called for the Scottish Government to axe the controversial Gender Recognition Reform Act to give it their support.

In an Early Day Motion tabled by Neale Hanvey MP, the Alba Party Westminster leader has called on the Scottish Government not to pursue further legal action and to axe any intention of rolling out the controversial Gender Reforms.

Last week the Court of Session determined that the use of the Section 35 provisions of the Scotland Act were lawful meaning that the SNP Green Gender Bill cannot receive Royal Assent to come into force.

Mr Hanvey’s intervention comes after a similar resolution lodged in the Scottish Parliament by Alba Party’s Holyrood leader Ash Regan MSP has received the backing of former SNP Cabinet Secretary Fergus Ewing MSP.

Over the course of the weekend many SNP MPs and MSPs briefed newspapers that they wanted Humza Yousaf to halt any further legal action after his costly Court of Session defeat and that the Scottish Government should axe plans to progress its Gender Reforms.

Alba Party’s Neale Hanvey MP says that the EDM he has lodged now gives an “opportunity for the SNP at Westminster to make it clear that they believe it’s time to axe the gender obsession and instead focus on matters of importance to the Scottish people.”

Commenting Alba Party Westminster leader Neale Hanvey MP said:

“Yesterday the First Minister said his Government is still considering whether or not to appeal the decision of the Court of Session.

"At Holyrood Ash Regan MSP has lodged a motion that I hope many SNP members of the Scottish Parliament will sign to show that it’s time to focus on the priorities of the people of Scotland instead of cow-towing to the red lines of the Scottish Green Party - many of which are red flags to the Scottish public.

“We need the Scottish Government to ditch its obsession with Gender Self Identification and instead focus on boosting support for Self Determination.

"Humza Yousaf now has a choice: he can side with the overwhelming body of public opinion in Scotland by ditching the discredited Gender Bill he inherited from Nicola Sturgeon or he can side with the Greens and take further expensive legal action to try force through a policy that is overwhelmingly opposed by the public. I am today inviting SNP MPs to sign my motion so that they can declare publicly what many of them have been saying privately.”

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