ALBA Party Launch National Independence Billboard Campaign

Alba Party have stepped up their independence campaign by launching a national billboard campaign across Scotland. 

ALBA will be putting the message to towns and cities across Scotland that Enough is Enough. It’s Time for Independence. 

Spreading the message to sites across the country is in addition to over 40 pro-independence events the party have held this year promoting the new case for independence, which thousands have now attended. 

Alba Party have also delivered over 120,000 copies of the Wee ALBA book to households across Scotland as part of a drive to boost support for the independence cause. 

The billboard campaign features the faces of Westminster figures past and present and urges Scots that “Enough is Enough. It’s time for independence.” 

The party’s General Secretary joked that it will need to be “regularly updated to reflect the turmoil of Westminster”. A new campaign is already planned for Winter. 

Commenting ALBA Party General Secretary Chris McEleny said: 

“Every ounce of ALBA Party’s efforts are dedicated to campaigning for Scotland’s independence. From the work our team are doing at Westminster to the dozens upon dozens of public meetings we are holding, to our activists coming out hail or shine making the case in their local communities. There has never been a better time for Scotland to reclaim its independence. In the midst of energy being King we have the absurdity of there being hundreds of thousands of fuel poor Scots in energy rich Scotland." 

“Enough is Enough. It is time for Independence. And that is the message we are taking to communities across the Scotland.” 

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