ALBA Party oppose new Loch Tay development as “echo of Highland Clearances”

ALBA Party’s National Council has today vowed to fight the proposed new Loch Tay “Millionaires Playground” which they say echoes the Highland Clearances. 

Delegates in attendance today have expressed concerns about the proposed project at Loch Tay, Kenmore and Glen Lyon which opponents say would create a gated community that would remove public access to 8000 acres of Scottish countryside. 

Alba say that the people of Scotland should have the right to access the nations scenery and outdoors "regardless of the amount of money in our pockets". 

Delegates in attendance at the party’s National Council today, held in Rutherglen, also agreed that the proposed development would run roughshod over communities and Scottish laws - such as right to roam - which they say has “strong echoes of Highland Clearances.” 

Delegates also heard a heartfelt story of a member who had scattered her mothers ashes on the proposed site who would in future be denied access to the area. 

Commenting National Council Delegate Alan Beck said: 

“We live in a beautiful country that people from across the world visit. It is within this landscape that our culture thrives, why would we want to change it."

“Rural Scotland can’t get investment to dual our roads but when it comes to installing helipads for the rich and new roads to get to 5 star hotels, communities can be moved and the work is carried out. Welcome to Highland Clearances 2023." 

“We must not allow people with deep pockets to buy our landscape. Alba Party will oppose and fight this development.“ 

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