ALBA Reaction to Rutherglen and Hamilton West By-Election

Responding to the Rutherglen & Hamilton West By-Election Result, Alba Party Westminster leader Neale Hanvey MP said:

“Alba Party urged Humza Yousaf to back a Scotland United pro-independence electoral pact for this By-Election. This would’ve meant that instead of having several pro-independence parties contesting this seat we could’ve made the election about Scotland’s right to Self-Determination and galvanised the independence movement around a single candidate.

“Humza’s decision to go it alone has meant this election centred on the many difficulties the SNP find itself in and as a result they have been punished and allowed Labour to win the seat. This is not as much a victory for the Labour Party to claim credit for but rather an election engineered by the SNP and a defeat caused by Humza Yousaf that he must now take full ownership of. If this is continuity, then continuity won’t cut it.

If the unionist parties are uniting, as they appear to have done in this By-Election, then any party serious about independence should agree to work as one Scotland United."

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