Breakthrough Poll sees ALBA Party set to win Scottish Parliament Seats


Alex Salmond is set to make a return to the Scottish Parliament with ALBA Party projected to win seats at the next Holyrood election. 

In a Panelbase Poll, commissioned by The Sunday Times, ALBA Party have seen their recent surge in party membership in the aftermath of Humza Yousaf’s election as Scotland’s new First Minister, matched by an increase in the poll ratings. 

At a projected 5 per cent support, the two-year-old ALBA is now rated a mere 1 per cent behind the Liberals who have been around in various guises for over 150 years!

ALBA say that the independence movement agree that “continuity won’t cut it”, and that as Humza Yousaf’s SNP/Green Coalition Government kick independence into the long grass, then more and more YES supporters will move to ALBA to demand more urgent action on independence. 


Welcoming the prospect of the first ALBA members being elected to the Scottish Parliament, ALBA Party Chair Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh said;

“Last week, ALBA Party turned just two years old. Throughout this entire period, we have spent our energy and resources campaigning for Scottish independence. 

“Scotland is an energy-rich nation, but our people live in fuel poverty. Westminster is set to seize £80 billion in revenues from the North Sea over the next few years but won’t commit one single billion to planet-saving carbon capture projects in Scotland.

“We need independence to ensure that Scotland’s future is in Scotland’s hands and it is clear that the people of Scotland agree that continuity won’t cut it.

As other parties continue to focus on self-identification, ALBA will ensure that self-determination remains the urgent and immediate priority for Scotland.”


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