Breakthrough Poll would result in Alba Party Winning Over 20 Seats in next Scottish Parliament Election

Breakthrough Poll Graphic

Poll would result in over 20 Alba Party MSPs being elected to the Scottish Parliament

A new poll conducted by the respected pollster Panelbase has showed that Alba Party could be on course to win over 20 seats at the next Scottish Parliament election.

In the “breakthrough” poll, 42% of those that voted SNP with their 2021 Scottish Parliament Constituency Vote said that they would vote for Alba Party with their Regional list ballot in order to return a greater number of pro-independence MSPs.

Similarly, 48% of those that would vote Yes in a future independence referendum would also vote for Alba on the list to help return a larger pro-independence majority to the parliament.

In the 2021 Scottish Parliament Election, the Conservative Party won 31 seats, with 26 of them coming from the regional list with a vote share of 23.5%. Scottish Labour took 22 seats with only 2 being thanks to constituencies, meaning that the party’s 17.9% of the regional list made up almost all of its seats.

If the Scottish independence movement were to back Alba to help secure more pro-independence seats, as today’s poll release suggests, it would result in a near electoral wipe out of the Labour Party and Conservatives in Scotland.

In a further sign that many Scottish Labour voters are also supporters of Scottish independence, 19% of those that voted Labour in 2021 also say that they would vote for Alba Party to help return more independence supporting MSPs.

The poll is also good news for Alba Party’s prospects amongst younger voters with 36% of 16 to 34 years olds also saying they would give their list vote to Alex Salmond’s party.

Alba say that the results show that they have broken through into the political mainstream and that “ a substantial amount of the electorate” now see the party “ as an accepted means to progress the case for Scottish independence as a more immediate priory”.

Commenting Alba Party’s General Secretary Chris McEleny said:

“Alba Party have spent all of our time and resources dedicated to making the case for why Scotland needs independence as an immediate priority. In the past year we have delivered 150,000 copies of the Wee Alba Book “The New Case for independence” and as we approach the end of the year we have held about 50 independence public meetings to date. We are also in the middle of our second national billboard campaign promoting Scottish independence this year.

“This sensational poll result reflects what we have been seeing as we campaign across the country: people believe that the vision and the plan being set out by Alex Salmond is what the independence movement should be doing; our Alba MPs at Westminster are taking the action the independence movement wants to see; and we are putting independence as an immediate priority front and centre of all of our campaign activity.

“Scotland is an energy rich land but we have the absurdity of millions of Scots facing fuel poverty, that is the social and economic argument that makes regaining independence as an immediate priority a necessity.

“Of course, independence is our priority not the next Scottish parliament election but if this poll translated into seats then Alba Party would completely wipe out the Labour Party and the Tories if Scots cast their votes to return the largest amount of pro-independence MSPs.”

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