Brown/Starmer proposals “Turn the constitutional clock backwards not forwards”

“The Labour constitutional proposals are as weak as water and represent the constitutional clock being turned backwards not forwards”

This was said by former First Minister, Alex Salmond commenting on the Brown/Starmer proposals for constitutional reform.
“Clearly Gordon Brown hopes that Scots have short memories and have forgotten both The Vow of which he was the main architect in 2014 and the Claim of Right which he signed in 1989.
The Vow in which he allied with the Tory Government of David Cameron, was produced in panic in the last days of the referendum campaign when they thought they were losing. It was influential and Brown promised Scotland “as near to federalism as you can have” in return for a No vote in 2014. In comparison, the current proposals are nowhere near federalism and represent the constitutional clock being turned back not forward.
In 1989 Brown signed the Claim of Right asserting the sovereignty of the Scottish people to choose the form of government best suited to their needs. Now Starmer’s Labour join with the Tories in challenging our rights as a nation to self-determination.
Of course The Vow was reneged upon, just as Labour Governments  have never fulfilled previous manifesto promises on the House of Lords.
But the question for today is this. If Labour lost Scotland despite asserting Scotland’s rights as a nation and promising near federalism, how do they expect to reclaim it by proposals which are as weak as water and turn the constitutional clock backwards not forwards?”

Sign the St Andrew's Day Declaration to assert Scotland's right to self-determination: www.albaparty.org/declaration

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