Defeat of Self-Determination Bill Is "The Empire's Last Gasp" and "Puts beyond Doubt that the UK is Not a Union of Equals" says Hanvey

Speaking today (Tuesday) following the defeat of his Scotland (Self Determination) Bill, by 228 votes to 48, Alba Westminster Leader Neale Hanvey MP said:

“This vote represents the Empire’s last gasp and puts beyond any doubt that the UK is not the ‘Union of Equals’ that has been claimed.

“A clear majority of Scottish MPs (40 out of 59) voted for this Bill to transfer the power to legislate for a Scottish independence referendum to the Scottish Parliament only to see it defeated by the combined votes of Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs in other parts of the UK.

“This explicit repudiation of Scotland’s national rights is a significant and defining moment. Scottish Democracy was dealt a critical blow by Westminster today but the inalienable right of the Scottish people will prevail.

“The focus now shifts to the Scottish Parliament and the Bill being proposed by Ash Regan MSP. Her Bill would allow for a referendum to be held to ask the people of Scotland if they think the Scottish Parliament should have the powers to negotiate and legislate for Independence.

“It is time to break the constitutional log-jam by putting Scotland’s future into Scotland’s hands.”

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