Ending the Scourge of Disconnected Scots

In an energy rich nation is it perverse that Scots are being disconnected as a result of the poverty they find themselves in. This motion follows on from the abundance of parliamentary interventions, motions, and debates that the two ALBA Party MPs have contributed to over the preceding months and seeks to secure their hard work as official party policy.

ALBA are alarmed the number of smart meter power disconnections brought about through poverty, and that these figures predated further energy price rises and the height of winter. Additionally that these figures do not include hose on legacy Pre-payment Meters many of whom who were already the poorest and most vulnerable in our society.

In an energy rich country this is an obscenity and ALBA therefore demands -

That forced installations of PPMs cease forthwith.

That the higher standing charges for PPMs are ended immediately and

A social tariff for the poorest and most vulnerable in our society is invoked as a matter of urgency.