ALBA’s Hanvey: Tax the Rich to Fund Fair Pay Rise for Workers

ALBA’s HANVEY: Tax the Rich to Fund Fair Pay Rise for Workers

ALBA Party Westminster Leader has repeated party calls for the “most radical transformation of Scottish Income Tax Rates since the birth of Devolution” 

Proposals by the pro independence party ahead of the Scottish Government’s Budget this week include a 50% income tax rate for Top Rate Earners and the introduction of new upper rates for higher earners 

Currently there are five tax bands in Scotland that range from the Starter Rate to the Top Rate. However, the ALBA Party are calling on the Scottish Government to increase the top rate of income tax for those earning over £150,000 from 46% to 50% as well as the introduction of new upper tax brackets that would see an increase in income tax for those earning over £70,000. 

ALBA Westminster Leader Neale Hanvey MP says that his party’s proposals would help redistribute wealth in Scotland with “those with the broadest shoulders in Scotland helping to fund a fairer pay rise for front line workers across the country.”

Hanvey believes that if the new tax regime is implemented it would lead to “Scotland having the best public services possible”.  

He argues that Scotland requires a far bolder and more progressive tax system to avoid a winter of public sector strikes and to maintain investment in the NHS. 

Commenting the ALBA Westminster Leader Neale Hanvey MP said: 

“At Westminster the austerity driven Tories are setting the agenda around whether the Top Tax Rate of 45p should remain or be scrapped, whereas the ALBA Party are pressing the case to make Scotland’s tax system even more progressive by increasing the tax burden on those with the broadest shoulders. We all depended on our public sector during the pandemic and do so each and every day. Pay for nurses, teachers and front line workers, as well as public services that deliver for the people of Scotland should be our top priority. 

“With independence we can ensure that we don’t have the absurd situation of fuel poor Scots in energy rich Scotland, but in the here and now we should use the limited tax powers the Scottish Parliament does have to put clear blue water between Westminster’s attacks on front line workers and Scotland’s recognition of the value of the work they do.“

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