Former UK CND Chair backs ALBA Plan to rid Scotland of Trident from Day 1 of Independence

Marjorie Ellis Thompson, the former Chair of UK CND, joined Alba Party because of what she says is “ Alba Party’s clear commitment to the removal of weapons of mass destruction from the Clyde.” 

The former UK CND Chair has backed ALBA’s call that should Scotland vote for independence then the negotiating party of an independent Scotland should ensure that Trident is removed from Scotland by the first day of Scotland being re-established as an independent country. 

Although Nuclear Weapons are strongly associated with the Faslane Naval Base, the actual assembly and storage of the weapons and loading onto Trident Nuclear Weapons takes place at the Coulport Weapons Depot on Loch Long. The 1600-acre site has been heavily developed over the past five decades, with a National Grid connection, a series of road networks, and electrical distribution across the entire site. 

ALBA have previously highlighted that the site would be ideally suited to be transformed from Europe’s Largest Storage Facility of Nuclear Weapons to Europe’s largest Windfarm, something they say would send out a message to the world of how serious Scotland is to playing its part in tackling the Global Climate Emergency. 

Former UK CND Chair Marjorie Ellis Thompson said and now Alba Party National Executive Committee member said: 

“It is absolutely possible to have Weapons of Mass Destruction removed from Scotland by day one of independence if we make that a priority, it would be a political decision to allow Trident to stay in Scotland after we become independent. 

“ALBA Party have set out our clear principle that we are for the immediate removal of Nuclear Weapons from Scotland, something that is only possible with independence, this is why I have found ALBA Party as a natural home for someone that is a live long campaigner for Nuclear Disarmament and a supporter of Scottish independence.” 

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