Free Fair Public Transport

Access for All

We cannot achieve Net-Zero Target in Scotland without changing the structure of transport. However, instead of forbidding and hindering, we believe it is better to present positive and sustainable solutions for making traveller’s choices. Scotland has a unique opportunity to combine a dynamic decarbonisation strategy with meeting the transport needs. The success of the Free Bus Travel programs for young people, disabled people and seniors confirms that it is possible and necessary to extend them to all travellers, despite of their age.

The ALBA Party therefore supports the call to introduce in Scotland full Free Fare Public Transport and postulates re-establishing of a state-owned transport operator together with local bus companies in councils. An additional benefit will therefore be an increase in employment in transport services guaranteed by the state and councils, and the modernisation of the transport fleet..

Fare charges cover less than half of the cost of transport services, while social needs grow with increasing climate consciousness. However, to reduce number of cars, we must give people some attractive alternative. Public transport should once again be a public service, not too expensive, often outdated, and uncomfortable form of travel, chosen only out of necessity.

Covering the costs of public transport will save employees time and money wasted in traffic jams on overloaded roads. Moreover, an additional argument in favour of Free Fare Public Transport is the share of travel costs in the expenses low-waged employees, including those on benefits. This money saved can be spent on meeting other life needs, improving the quality of life.