“Grassroots must reclaim control of the Independence movement” says MacAskill

In a rallying cry to the Independence movement at the ALBA party “Way Forward” Special independence conference in Perth today (Saturday) ALBA Party Depute Leader Kenny MacAskill MP has called on grassroots activists to reclaim control of the Independence movement through popular agitation.

Speaking at the event Kenny MacAskill MP said:

"No issue makes the case for Independence more than an energy-rich Scotland where half of Scots are fuel poor.

"We need popular agitation not just parliamentary and legal challenges.

"The strength of the Yes movement today, as it was in 2014, is its grassroots and they must not just take control back but initiate action.

"So how do we mobilise and galvanise the Yes movement?

"The first priority must be a push for an Independence convention to show that it’s the Scottish people not a court of lords and ladies or a government in Westminster that we constantly reject who are sovereign.

"Second, there needs to be a popular display of our desire for nationhood through demonstration. It is not enough to shuffle seats on the green benches at Westminster we need to get our marching boots on and aim for a large popular demonstration next year of 100,000 people to show that the Supreme Court is not putting us back in our box.

"Third, we need to link the current economic and social crisis with the need for Independence through campaigning.

"We need to exploit the opportunity to use the oil and gas that remains and the renewables of energy-rich Scotland. The Berwick Bank offshore wind farm alone will generate power for three million homes, more than Scotland needs. It is our people who should benefit not speculators off our shores.

"Our people are getting no benefit and no jobs while Bifab lies idle and Arnish lies idle. That is unacceptable."

In conclusion, Kenny MacAskill MP said;

"This is about reclaiming our movement, removing the dead hand off our movement and taking it back to the grassroots."

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