Harnessing our Natural Resources

Making it Count

Nine years after the Better Together coalition told the people that there was no value in the hydrocarbons left in the waters around Scotland, the UK Government has licenced the Rosebank field with a recoverable oil and gas value of some £30 billion.

We believe in the continuation of North Sea Oil on the condition that all new oil and gas licences should require a specific field commitment of a zero net carbon footprint achieved largely by investment in the developing carbon capture network.

It is vital that the people of Scotland feel the benefits of our great natural wealth, therefore we believe that there should be a minimum 20 per cent public share in all offshore wind energy projects administered by a public Scottish Energy Company.

Without independence and a coherent energy policy, the Scottish people will yet again be deprived of any share whatsoever in our vast energy resources and the national scandal of fuel poverty amid energy plenty will be allowed to continue.