ALBA: Independence Convention required so Scotland doesn’t return to Labour mediocracy

An independence convention of all independence-supporting representatives and civic society is required in order to get the independence movement back on track.

The call has came from the General Secretary of Alex Salmond’s ALBA Party. Commenting today Chris McEleny has said that “ It’s time for the independence movement to start focusing on the people’s priorities and ensure that the cold hand of Labour mediocracy doesn’t creep back because of a lack of action on independence.”

McEleny made the comments as the Scottish Labour Party hold their conference today in Edinburgh.

McEleny says that much of the problems that the Scottish Government has been bogged down with have been as a result of focusing attention on issues not supported by an overwhelming majority of Scots.

The ALBA man has now called for an independence convention so that the independence movement can get back to “focusing on issues that matter to people in Scotland, create a strategy to deliver independence and a campaign to unite the people of Scotland behind it.”

Commenting ALBA Party General Secretary Chris McEleny said:

“It is apparent from recent opinion polling that taking attention off of issues that matter to people in Scotland and instead focusing on policies that are completely opposed by a majority of the people of Scotland has not been good for the cause of independence.

“However, returning to the cold dead hand of Labour mediocracy is not the answer. Despite recent failings, in the early years of an independence supporting Scottish Government more was delivered for the people of Scotland than was delivered by voting Labour for over 50 years. From free prescriptions and free education, to the free bus pass, the new Scottish Child Payment and much more. Scotland’s future should be in Scotland’s hands.

“It’s time for an independence convention to bring the independence movement together, to set the strategy needed to deliver independence and to start the campaign that will win the hearts and minds of the people of Scotland in support of independence.“


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