Sunak Blunders While London Plunders Scotland's Energy Bounty

Following his exchange with Rishi Sunak MP at Prime Minister’s Questions today ALBA Westminster Leader and MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath Neale Hanvey said:

“The Prime Minister has shown himself to be a serial blunderer.

“He fails to understand the difference between Scotland’s oil and gas industry and our massive offshore wind resources which are being sent south.  He also fails to understand the distinction between ALBA’s continuing support for our oil and gas workers and the SNP’s abandonment of this key sector.

“I asked the Prime Minister about the naked exploitation of Scotland’s massive offshore wind resources which will see 124 billion kilowatts of energy sent south by 2030, enough to power tens of millions of homes, with no revenue, no manufacturing and no supply chain jobs coming to Scotland.

“The Prime Minister's failure to understand let alone answer this question is yet another reason why we need Independence to put an end to Westminster’s robbery of Scotland’s offshore wind energy resources.”

You can view Neale Hanvey's question at today's PMQs below.

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