Longest serving SNP Councillor joins ALBA

Cllr Brian Topping of Fraserburgh has left the SNP to join the new ALBA list party for the Scottish elections.


Cllr Topping has been an SNP Councillor for 37 years and successful in twelve successive electoral contests. He is one of the longest-serving SNP councillors in Scotland.

He has been invited to join the ALBA list for the North East of Scotland in the Scottish elections.

Cllr Topping commented

“I am honoured to have been asked to stand for ALBA and will be proud to stand with Alex Salmond in the forthcoming contest.

Many of us in the national movement are feeling reinvigorated over the last few days with more discussion about independence than there has been for years. It is like the best days of the YES campaign of 2014.

People are beginning to realise that list votes for the SNP are wasted with up to a million votes cast for no return in MSPs. If these votes come to ALBA we have the opportunity to create a #supermajority in the next Scottish Parliament.

I will be urging my constituents to cast both votes YES - the constituency vote for SNP but the regional list vote for ALBA.

I have written to my local branch and to the SNP centrally to explain my decision. However, having canvassed opinion locally I am doing what so many other people are thinking.

Although I have many friends in the local SNP the national leadership have disgraced themselves with their tawdry comments over the last few days.

In contrast in ALBA we have been given one primary directive. Everything we say and do is to further the cause of Scottish independence and our campaign will be entirely positive locally and nationally”.


As an SNP councillor for over 37 years, Brian has held numerous senior posts, chair of public protection committee, chair of Scottish home safety committee, President of Scottish accident prevention council, chair of Banff & Buchan local health council, vice chair of UK home safety & leisure committee, vice chair Banff & Buchan area committee, and currently, Convenor of Aberdeenshire licensing board, chair of Fraserburgh regeneration development partnership, chair of Fraserburgh CCTV working group, which succeeded in getting a high-quality CCTV camera system for the town, chair of Fraserburgh & district community safety group, chair of Osprey housing joint housing committee, joint chair of Fraserburgh football club supporters club, as well as board member/director of both Osprey housing and Osprey housing Moray.

Editors notes

  • On Friday 26th March the Alba Party was launched by Alex Salmond and Alex and three other candidates were declared - Eva Comrie who transferred from No1 on the SNP list for Mid Scotland and Fife, businesswoman Cynthia Guthrie who is standing in the South of Scotland and Cllr Chris McEleny, the author of “Plan B” who is standing in the West of Scotland.
  • On Saturday 27th March former Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill MP announced his transfer to the Alba Party alongside Corrie Wilson, the former SNP MP
  • On Sunday 28th March, Neale Hanvey MP announced his transfer to the Alba Party alongside the SNP’s National Equalities Convener, Cllr Lynne Anderson, who relinquished her position on the SNP’s ruling body to transfer to the Alba Party, and the SNP’s National Women’s Convener Cllr Caroline McAllister
  • On Monday 29th March Senior Glasgow SNP Councillor Michelle Ferns joined the Alba party and will contest the Glasgow regional list for the party, World Boxing Champion Alex Arthur MBE joined the Alba Party as its latest, 'big hitter' to stand in the upcoming Scottish Parliamentary elections.






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