Highland Energy Expert Steve Chisholm Joins Alba Party to Lead Economic Policy Initiative

March 6 2024 - Steve Chisholm, a senior director with one of the North’s leading energy service companies, has announced his departure from the Scottish National Party to join the Alba Party. With decades of experience in the energy industry and a staunch advocate for Scottish independence, Steve Chisholm brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the party.

Throughout his career, Chisholm has played a pivotal role in both the hydrocarbon and renewable sectors, leveraging his expertise to navigate complex business and economic challenges. As a lifelong advocate for Scottish independence, Chisholm has now found a new platform with the Alba Party to drive forward his vision for an independent Scotland.

Chisholm highlighted his reasons for joining the Alba Party, stating,

“I have joined Alba as it is a real opportunity to be part of an ambitious party which is entirely focused on gaining Scotland's independence." He continued, "The Highlands possess a wealth of natural resources, resilient communities, and a strong cultural heritage, which should see our region prosper. Our region is pivotal in achieving targets for energy security and net zero. Alba is the only party I see standing up for our oil and gas industry and its workers, recognising the importance of a gradual transition to renewable sources of energy.’

Chisholm also raises the prospect of future opportunities within the Highlands,

“The Highlands could be facing a level of economic opportunity unseen since the early days of oil and gas 50 years ago. If carefully managed we could change the economic landscape of the Highlands for future generations, and reverse the decades-long trend of depopulation and economic stagnation.”

Chisholm sees the Alba Party as the only political entity developing a robust plan to achieve independence and address the economic challenges facing the Highlands. He believes that the Alba Party places business growth and economic prosperity at the heart of its policies, which will help to rebuild our health, welfare and education systems, ensuring nobody is left behind.

"I have joined the Alba Party with the intention of being an active member, to work with businesses and industries across the Highlands to create an economic plan which will see our communities prosper and reverse the hundreds of years of economic and population decline. I am convinced that the Alba Party has the vision, and political experience to provide the thoughtful leadership and the robust policies that will bring sustainable prosperity to the Highlands, and lead Scotland to independence.”

Alba leader, former First Minister Alex Salmond said;

“We are delighted to have someone of Steve’s calibre and business experience on board. It emphasises Alba’s credentials as a truly National Party representing all parts and all communities in Scotland.

“Alba’s request to Steve Chisholm to help lead an economic and business initiative underscores the party's commitment to fostering economic growth and advocating for the interests of the Highlands. His extensive experience and dedication to the region's development position him as a valuable asset in shaping the party's economic policy and industrial strategy.”

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