Mental Health

Help where it is needed

We are concerned about the mental health of children around Scotland and the increasing waiting lists for intervention.

Evidence shows the importance of a good sleep routine, nutritious diet and weekly exercise and the impact of this on positive mental health.

Support for families and young people around these areas as preventative and early intervention should ease the pressure on mental health services. Therefore, leading to future financial savings for the NHS.

We are committed to tackling mental health and providing adequate and early intervention.

ALBA’s Plan for mental health support:

Local authorities to offer well-being (sleep, diet and exercise) psycho-education to be provided as part of the curriculum in schools, ensuring they are age and stage-appropriate.

The Scottish Government to provide communities with a well-being fund, allowing for support at a local level e.g. in the form of parenting peer groups.

A joined-up approach by health, education and social services in promoting positive well-being, including more streamlined communication between services.