ALBA: It’s the First Minister’s job to be the Minister for Independence

Responding to the announcement that the First Minister has announced the Junior Ministerial role of Minister for independence, ALBA Party General Secretary Chris McEleny said: 

"Any independence-supporting First Minister should be the de facto Minister for independence. 

"Across Scotland people are struggling to heat their homes and pay their bills whilst Scotland is a land of energy plenty. 

"Independence is now an urgent social necessity for the people of Scotland. It is bitterly disappointing that before the end of the new administration's first day, independence has been relegated to a role only fit for a Junior Minister. This low profile role hints that there will be no sign of an independence campaign anytime soon, despite the people of Scotland voting time after time to have a choice on their future. We have a new Scottish Government but continuity won’t cut it. It’s time for independence.”

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