Alba Party Slam “Moral Vacuum” of Keir Starmer’s Leadership

Alba Party have slammed Keir Starmer after he said that Labour would not be scrapping the two-child benefit cap. 

Alba’s General Secretary Chris McEleny has said that Starmer’s support for the “abhorrent” policy shows that the Labour Party is now a “moral vacuum”. 

UK Labour leader Keir Starmer said it was not his party’s policy to scrap the cap during a question and answer session on Thursday morning.

It came after Labour’s shadow DWP Secretary Jonathan Ashworth MP called the cap "heinous" and suggested the party would scrap it.

The policy means households with more than two children where universal credit or child tax credit is claimed no longer receive additional funds. 

Starmer was asked on Thursday morning: "Recently the shadow Work and Pensions Secretary called the two-child benefit cap 'heinous' and suggested Labour will scrap it. Can you confirm if that is Labour's policy?"

Starmer replied, "That isn't our policy and if it changes I'll let you know."

Alba Party’s General Secretary says that Starmer’s remarks show why Scotland cannot afford to let Labour or Tory candidates win seats off of pro-independence candidates at next year’s General Election. 

Alba Party want a Scotland United Pro-Independence Pact to fight the next election in Scotland - seeking a mandate to enter into independence negotiations with the UK Government. 

Commenting Alba Party General Secretary Chris McEleny said: 

"Harold Wilson once told a Labour Party Conference that The Labour Party is a moral crusade or it is nothing. At the current rate, Keir Starmer will no doubt use his next Conference speech to tell his party members that the Labour Party under his leadership is a moral vacuum or it is nothing!

"This latest pronouncement should focus minds in Scotland that with Westminster we will always lose and we will always be vulnerable to having abhorrent policies imposed upon us by Governments that we do not vote for. 

"The next General Election must be fought as Scotland United, with every candidate having on the first line of their manifesto that they seek a mandate to enter into independence negations with the UK Government."

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