New ALBA Poster exposes Better Together ‘Broken Promises’

Alex Salmond’s Alba Party have unveiled a new pro independence campaign poster which this time takes aim at the broken promises of the Better Together Campaign.

It is the latest in a series of posters which have gained substantial publicity for Alba Party. Earlier this month media giant Global blocked a controversial Rishi Sunak Vampire campaign that highlighted the theft of Scotland’s natural resources and it has also been revealed that the party’s attempt to run a pro republic campaign that featured an image of King Charles was also blocked.

This time however, Alba have decided to highlight some of the key claims the Better Together campaign made in 2014 and how each and every one of them has turned out not to be true.

Alba Party say that “as well as putting forward a new updated case for independence to address concerns people have, it’s equally as important to highlight many of the promises the Better Together campaign made in 2014 to win vote that have all been broken.”

The new poster highlights Better Together claims that a Yes vote would’ve led to a rise in mortgage rate whereas across the UK today mortgage rate are now soaring. In 2014 the No campaign poured cold water on the future of Scotland’s Oil and Gas sector saying that Oil was running out but today the UK Government are receiving tens of billions of pounds in new oil revenues.

Commenting Alba Party’s Candidate in the upcoming Girvan and South Carrick By election Denise Somerville said:

“It is clear from speaking to many people that support for independence remains high and many people that voted No in 2014 are now considering supporting independence because many of the reasons for them voting No either no longer exist or have been proven to be untrue.

“Alba Party have been putting forward a new case for independence that addresses issues such as borders, currency and pensions but as important as it is to be putting these arguments forward it is equally as important to highlight the claims the Better Together campaign made in 2014 and how those promises that were made to stop Scotland voting for independence have all been broken.”

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