Truss Resignation: Scots MPs Must Settle Up Not Settle Down Says MacAskill

Reacting today (Thursday) to the resignation of Liz Truss MP as Prime Minister ALBA Depute Leader and MP for East Lothian Kenny MacAskill said:

“While no one in Scotland will shed a tear for the departure of the most right wing Prime Minister since Margaret Thatcher it is utterly shameful that Tory MPs at Westminster will choose the next Prime Minister while the people of Scotland are denied any say over their future governance through a Scottish Independence Referendum.

“The people of Scotland and their elected representatives are being treated with utter contempt.  This is not a time for Scottish MPs at Westminster to settle down on the green benches but to settle up for Scotland.  Westminster’s difficulty must become Scotland’s opportunity - to break free from this rotten and corrupt Westminster system which is robbing Scotland of its massive energy resources while our people are set to freeze this Winter.

“Scottish MPs who support Independence must call time on this sham and reconvene a Scottish Constitutional Convention, comprised of MSPs, MPs, Council Leaders, trades unions, civic Scotland and the wider community, which can assert the sovereign will of the Scottish people to decide the form of Government best suited to their needs and do so with urgency and determination.”

Sign the ALBA Party petition for the Scottish Government to recall Holyrood and put forward a Referendum Bill immediately here.

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