Outdoors writer and broadcaster Cameron McNeish backs ALBA

Prominent Outdoors Writer and Broadcaster Cameron McNeish has recorded a  video in which he announces that he is backing ALBA on the list in the coming Elections to the Scottish Parliament on Thursday 6 May.


In his video, Mr McNeish states:

"We are approaching the most important Scottish Elections in a generation.  The people of Scotland have been dragged out of Europe against our will and the Tory party in Westminster, a party Scotland has never voted for, now has its eyes set on demolishing our Devolution arrangements and indeed the Scottish Parliament itself. 

"Now is the time for Self Determination and we can take the first steps towards that by electing a Supermajority of Independence parties in May's Elections, adding to rather than detracting from everything achieved so far by the SNP.  

"After a lot of consideration I'm going to give my first vote, the constituency vote to the SNP and in an effort to help achieve that Supermajority at Holyrood I'm going to give my second vote to the ALBA Party.

"If you want to see Scotland become an independent country sooner rather than later I'd urge you to vote exactly the same way."

Welcoming Cameron McNeish's support for ALBA, Kenny MacAskill MP said:

"This is a tremendous boost to ALBA's campaign.  Cameron McNeish is a highly respected authority on the great outdoors and someone whose reach and influence extends way beyond the world of Politics.

"Cameron's support demonstrates that the momentum is with ALBA as more and more SNP and Independence supporters flock to our banner in this Election"





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