Ports on the River Clyde

Public Ownership

The Peel Ports Group owns Clyde Port, which operates as the harbour authority for 450 square miles along the River Clyde. They have anchorages near residential areas and continually fail to engage with communities.

In 2021, Peel Ports leased the UK’s largest dry dock, Inchgreen, to Atlas Decommissioning, and promised the creation of 100 jobs that have failed to materialise. If it went ahead, it would have turned this strategic asset into a scrapyard. The dry dock has lain empty for 20 years with many broken promises to maintain and return it to a fully operational marine facility.

The ALBA Party recognises the determination and drive of the “Campaign to Save the Inchgreen Drydock” and their efforts to have this strategic facility become fully operational in its primary function as a shipbuilding and maintenance and repair part of a Scottish Maritime strategic partnership.

Furthermore, we support the drive to bring the ports and harbours on the river Clyde into public ownership.