Ferguson’s: Alba’s MacAskill “Sack the Board and CMAL Must Go”

Commenting on the latest significant cost overruns of the Glen Sannox and the delay until 2025 of sister vessel the Glen Rosa, Alba Party Depute leader Kenny MacAskill MP said:

"It is only one month ago that CMAL ran a competition to name the Glen Rosa. This now looks like they’ve treated island communities with contempt to do so whilst clearly they knew the vessel was going to be delayed until 2025.

For four years now concerns on the ground have been dismissed that say the Glen Sannox will never sail due to its design, only for delay after delay to be announced, and in the meantime island communities suffer and the workers of the yard have their very futures compromised due to mismanagement.

This debacle is a scandal but it is not one of the workforces making. In all these years there has not been one single example of poor craftsmanship identified as the reason for delay and cost overrun. The blame lies squarely at the feet of CMAL and the Scottish Government for failing to hold them to account.

It is long past time that the Government steps in, sacks the management and scraps the Board of CMAL."

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