Salmond Salutes “A Truly Remarkable Lady”

Alex Salmond with Queen Elizabeth

Former Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond has paid warm tribute to Queen Elizabeth as “a truly remarkable lady” 

He said;

“I found Her Majesty the Queen to be insightful, always well informed and up to date with an open sense of humour and an ever-abiding kindness. This truly remarkable lady has transcended public life since the Second World War. Her passing is a great moment of sadness for her family and for people around the world.

My audiences with her were extensive and free-wheeling, with no subject out of bounds. She had a great love of Scotland and enormous regard for her people.

The best gift I offered her on behalf of Scots was at the Diamond Jubilee, when I presented her with a complete digitalisation of the 1911 census record of Balmoral Estate, which she pored over excitedly, recognising many of the names from her childhood.

In turn I suspect that of all her 15 Prime Ministers and 15 First Ministers in her record breaking reign, I was the only one to whom she shared her racing tips - and very successful they were too.

All that remains is to wish Elizabeth Queen of Scots in her passing a sunny day with the going good.”

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