Scotland's Hemp Industry

Planning for the Future

Farmers should be encouraged and supported to grow hemp effectively in Scotland- from this, we can build a new cleaner industrial revolution - no more cutting down trees for wood and paper which will help reduce our carbon emissions. A new source of fuel for energy, cars, and manufacturing opportunities.

ALBA recognise that:

The growth and production that can be maintained by having a legal system that supports growing and producing a hemp harvest

The limitations that are implemented by the Westminster Government is hindering our economic and environmental growth

This is not a devolved issue in Scotland however it should be noted with urgency that in an independent Scotland people should be encouraged to grow and manufacture hemp for a cleaner, healthier quality of life

ALBA is committed to the famers and the citizen that these jobs would be created for. We commit that in an independent Scotland, the hemp plant growth and production would benefit all of Scotland’s people, not just the few. The hemp plant has a huge potential in Scottish society as it can be seen in other places in the UK but a much fairer system.

ALBA therefore:

Supports the growth of hemp should in an independent Scotland to help the citizens live a healthy, cleaner, and greener life

Demand that Westminster devolve these powers to the Scottish government to enable her to progress her country and help her people out of poverty.