“Scots must seize the political initiative not sit on the sidelines" - ALBA's Neale Hanvey MP

Commenting on the ongoing political chaos within the Conservative party at Westminster, ALBA Westminster Leader Neale Hanvey MP said:

“Scotland has never voted for the Tories at any election in my lifetime and yet we now face the prospect of yet another Tory Prime Minister being foisted upon us by an ever diminishing band of Tory ideologues at Westminster. As the Tory leadership pantomime moves in ever decreasing circles Scottish families are facing fuel poverty in our land of energy plenty.

“Now is the time for Scotland’s elected representatives to seize the political initiative. Firstly through tabling an Independence Referendum Bill at Holyrood, for which the permission of the Lord Advocate is not required, and secondly for the majority of MSPs and MPs to meet forthwith in Scotland in a Constitutional Convention, in alliance with civic Scotland to progress Scotland’s Claim of Right to self-determination.

“Scotland’s elected representatives must fulfil their obligations to the people of Scotland, not sit on the side-lines as bystanders and spectators of the latest grizzly Tory political melodrama at Westminster.

“We must bring this democratic outrage to an end. Westminster is failing Scotland and it is failing democracy. Enough is Enough. It’s time for Independence.”


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