Alba Party: SNP and Labour both putting North Sea jobs at risk

Alba Party Holyrood leader Ash Regan MSP has hit out at both the SNP and Labour position on the future of Scotland’s North Sea Oil and Gas sector.

Her comments come as 42,000 North Sea jobs risk being wiped out under Labour plans for an oil and gas windfall tax, according to industry chiefs. 

It is feared the jobs and £26billion of economic value could be lost under the plans. Labour wants to end a current tax break where firms can cut how much they pay if they reinvest profits.

Industry chiefs are also worried about Labour’s vow to ban new fossil fuel drilling licenses.

Alba’s Regan has now warned that both Labour and SNP positions on the North Sea are “incoherent”. Despite putting the strength of ‘Scotland’s Oil’ at the heart of independence campaigning for decades, under the influence of the Greens in Government, Alba say the SNP have become increasingly hostile towards a future for Scotland’s North Sea Oil and Gas industry. 

Commenting Alba Party Holyrood leader Ash Regan MSP said: 

Labour's tax raid will result in the loss of forty-two thousand jobs in our oil and gas industry. This exacerbates the uncertainty the sector is already being subjected to by the SNP refusing to back further exploration and sitting idly by while Grangemouth moves towards closure. 

"The SNP and Labour are both pushing an incoherent net zero strategy, which will see communities in the North East hollowed out, jobs lost and businesses closed - all whilst we become more reliant on importing Oil and Gas into Scotland. 

"They have both proven that they cannot be trusted when it comes to growing our economy and protecting working class jobs.

"Alba is the only party that will stand up for the Oil and Gas industry to ensure it thrives and plays an integral role in growing our renewable potential to ensure we meet our net zero commitment as part of a credible transition.”

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