Jimmy Duncan has recorded a strong rise in the ALBA vote in the Inverness South local by-election.

Despite an exceptionally crowded field of eight candidates, the ALBA vote at 107 rose by almost 60 per cent compared with the same ward in 2022.

The election was marked by a collapse in the SNP percentage from first to third place and the seat was gained nominally from the Liberals by the Independent candidate.

Speaking after the result, Highland LACU Chair and candidate, Jimmy Duncan said

“I would like to thank Judith Reid and the rest of my campaign team. We are exceptionally pleased with the rise in support over the last two years. With Cllr Karl Rosie now on board, ALBA in the Highlands are very close to take off. It is significant to note that the same rise again over the next two years would deliver ALBA seats in the north in the Scottish Parliament elections.” 

ALBA Party Chair Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh added;

“ALBA is rising in the north and with strong campaigning we intend to eclipse the declining SNP over the next two years. Independence supporters in the Highlands and Islands can put their faith in ALBA to keep the saltire flying high in the north of Scotland.”

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