Support the Fans

Looking to the Future

The ALBA Party believes that seeing Scotland succeed in sports, brings national pride to those living in Scotland, as well as encouraging more to take up supporting Scotland in the relevant sport and taking up an interest in participation in the relevant sport.

We recognise that an uptake in any sporting activity results in a healthier lifestyle and makes for a healthier nation which should be the government of the day's duty to encourage and assist as widely as possible.

Therefore, ALBA calls for the Scottish Government to make attending, viewing, and supporting national sports events as accessible as possible, with the ALBA Party calling for three first steps of action.

Free Bus and Train travel throughout Scotland when purchased with a Game/Event ticket on the day of the national Game/Event as done in other European countries.

Timetables to be adjusted for the Last Train and Buses from city centres when midweek national Games/Events take place in the evening. (to include allowance for any extra time or penalties where required).

The Government to explore options of making all national Games/Events viewable on free-to-air channels for the public.

Free universal access to sporting facilities for all under 18s to further encourage our country’s youth being encouraged to take up participation in sport.