MP Still in Dark over Radiation Leak at Home of Trident

The UK Government have failed to respond to concerns of a serious radiation breach at the home of Trident three months after the concerns were first raised. 

ALBA Party Westminster leader Neale Hanvey MP raised the matter directly with Defence Secretary Ben Wallace during oral questions in November last year. 

Mr Wallace said that he would write in response to Neale Hanvey, but the ALBA MP says he has revived nothing back and is still in the dark over the matter. 

Hanvey has now written to the Defence Secretary to keep pressure up on the matter. He says that the “serious allegations” must be addressed by the UK Government and that full transparency is required. 


Commenting ALBA Party Westminster Leader Neale Hanvey MP said: 

“ Last year, during defence topical questions I raised with the Secretary of State for Defence the serious allegations that staff from HM Naval Base Clyde were moved from the building where warheads are processed as a consequence of a serious radiation breach.

“ Despite being assured that I would be provided with a written explanation to date I have received nothing, so I remain in the dark about this serious occurrence. 

“ The people of Scotland have consistently expressed their opposition to the housing of weapons of mass destruction on our shores. It is completely unacceptable for there to be a lack of transparency on such an important issue.” 

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