New ALBA Campaign highlights the “True Cost of the Union”

ALBA Party publish a new leaflet highlighting that with independence energy bills could be almost £4000 cheaper


The pro-independence ALBA Party are to launch a new campaign to put Scotland’s vast energy resources front and centre of the independence campaign. 

A centrepiece of the drive will be a new leaflet the party’s activists will be delivered in the coming weeks that highlights that with independence the average bill for electricity and gas in Scotland could be as low as £451. 

The average household energy bill in the UK is set to rise to £4279 in April. 

ALBA Party says much lower energy costs would be possible in an independent Scotland with a publicly owned energy company overseeing  Scotland’s vast Oil & Gas and renewable resources. 

This week it was revealed that Shell had made a record profit of £32 Billion, its largest in 115 years and as part of last year's emergency budget statement it was confirmed that the UK Government would raise £80 Billion over the next six years from taxes on the North Sea. 

ALBA Party Depute Leader Kenny MacAskill MP will today (Saturday) highlight Scotland’s “huge energy bounty” as he urges Scots to back independence because “power to Scotland will mean cheaper energy bills”. 

Speaking from Aberdeen after a meeting of his party’s National Executive Committee, the ALBA Depute will highlight that Scotland has 96% of UK Crude Oil, 63% of UK natural gas, and 90% of its hydropower as well as a huge part of Europe’s offshore wind potential. 


Commenting ALBA Party Depute Leader Kenny MacAskill said: 

“Scotland is an energy-rich land but we have the absurd situation that our people are living in fuel poverty whilst companies make record profits and Westminster seizes tax revenues from Scotland’s natural resources. 

“With independence, we can ensure that Scotland’s vast bounty of natural resources can be used to improve the lives of the people of Scotland. 

“The UK Government are about to facilitate one of the largest ever assaults on household budgets when the average energy bill cost is set to rise to over £4000 in April. 

“With the power of independence, we can deliver much cheaper energy bills to every home in Scotland.“ 

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