UK Government Fails to Deny that it is complicit in Israeli atrocities committed in Gaza


THE UK Government has failed to answer a question in Parliament by Alba Party’s Depute leader Kenny MacAskill asking it to set out its involvement in Israeli military action carried out in Gaza. 

Speaking today in the House of Commons during Defence Questions, Kenny MacAskill MP asked why the UK Government would not disclose its involvement.

Alba Party Depute leader Kenny MacAskill MP said: 

“The Government has previously refused to confirm or deny whether Israeli F35s have been using RAF air bases or indeed if there has been other military cooperation between the UK and Israel. 

“Given the decision of the ICJ, and now the decision of the UN Security Council to call for an immediate ceasefire, what are the operational or policy reasons that deny UK citizens the right to know whether their Government has been complicit in Israeli genocide in Gaza?”

The UK Government’s Defence Minister refused to comment. 

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