World ranked economist to stand for Alba

Dr Jim Walker, chief economist at Aletheia Capital is to stand for the new Alba Party in the upcoming Scottish elections.


A world-ranked economist who topped the Asiamoney poll for 11 years in succession Dr Walker has worked in Asia for many years. He is returning to his native Scotland from Hong Kong to contest the election in Central Scotland for the Alba Party, launched last week by former First Minister, Alex Salmond.

Jim Walker said

“It is now time that the economic benefits of independence were recast for the post-Brexit age.

The success of small economies in the modern world - and there are many examples - depends on high human capital and access to global markets.

Scotland should have both. Currently, both are in jeopardy.

The task of this next Scottish Parliament is to put the country on the road to prosperity through claiming national independence.

It is a good thing for the country to shape its economic destiny. No-one will run the Scottish economy better than the people of Scotland who have most invested in the country.

Thus the debate on national independence is not a substitute for concentrating on sustained economic recovery. It is a pre-requisite.”

Alex Salmond welcoming Dr Walker to the Alba Party list of candidates said

“Throughout his outstanding international career in economics Jim Walker has kept his commitment to Scotland. Now he is able to return and offer his expertise at the disposal of the Parliament and the people.

Alba are thrilled to have such economic substance in our team as we offer the people a way forward. The Scottish Parliament which negotiates independence needs to have an array of real talent and strength in depth.

Only last Friday at our launch I was told I would be leading a one-man band. Already we are fielding a political orchestra of women and men of ability from a range of backgrounds to help take the nation forward.”

Editors notes

  • On Friday 26th March the Alba Party was launched by Alex Salmond and Alex and three other candidates were declared - Eva Comrie who transferred from No1 on the SNP list for Mid Scotland and Fife, businesswoman Cynthia Guthrie who is standing in the South of Scotland and Cllr Chris McEleny, the author of “Plan B” who is standing in the West of Scotland.
  • On Saturday 27th March former Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill MP announced his transfer to the Alba Party alongside Corrie Wilson, the former SNP MP
  • On Sunday 28th March, Neale Hanvey MP announced his transfer to the Alba Party alongside the SNP’s National Equalities Convener, Cllr Lynne Anderson, who relinquished her position on the SNP’s ruling body to transfer to the Alba Party, and the SNP’s National Women’s Convener Cllr Caroline McAllister
  • On Monday 29th March Senior Glasgow SNP Councillor Michelle Ferns joined the Alba party and will contest the Glasgow regional list for the party, World Boxing Champion Alex Arthur MBE joined the Alba Party as its latest, 'big hitter' to stand in the upcoming Scottish Parliamentary elections.




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