One Million Additional Votes for Independence, Welcome to the Alba Party

Alba Party has a team of candidates, with the experience and calibre necessary to secure Scotland’s independence and effectively steer economic recovery following the Covid pandemic.


Alba’s stated aims:

National Independence for Scotland as an immediate necessity, and overwhelming priority, achieved by democratic means through a vote of people resident in Scotland.

The promotion of all Scottish interests, and the building of an economically successful and socially-just independent country, through the pursuit of a social-democratic programme.

The acceptance by the Scottish people of a written constitution for the newly independent country; defending the rights, liberties and equality of all citizens before the law.


Electoral Context:

The proportional representation mechanism of the Scottish electoral system, combined with the current level of support for the SNP in the constituency vote, mean that the SNP is unlikely to win more than 1 or 2 list seats.

The pro-Union parties, by contrast, rely on the list vote to secure their seats in the Parliament.

In effect, an SNP vote on the list will not increase the pro-Independence representation in the Parliament. However, as the Alba Party will stand only on the regional list, its pro-Independence vote is undiluted, and will be converted into a large number of Parliamentary seats.

A notional analysis of the 2016 result, assuming an Alba vote of 20-25% (being around half of the SNP list vote), would result in 20-25 Alba MSPs, and a Parliamentary majority for Independence in the region of +40, rather than the +5 which was achieved in 2016.

Alba Party will secure a Supermajority of pro-Independence MSPs; and has a realistic prospect of becoming the second largest party in the Scottish Parliament, ahead of both the Conservative and Labour parties.

As the UK Government has formally and repeatedly ruled out a Section 30 referendum, Alba Party parliamentarians will require the implementation of May 2021 electoral mandates; to deliver an overwhelming Scottish Parliamentary vote to begin negotiations on Independence.

Thereafter, the negotiating team should comprise members of all parties in the Scots Parliament, once the Parliament has voted for such negotiations to begin.

The action will be civic, legal, constitutional and international to secure acceptance of Scotland’s right of self-determination; to choose independence, should the people so wish.

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