Ash Regan announces Alba Party now represented at every level of Government in Scotland

Ash Regan MSP welcomes new Councillor to the fast-growing ranks of the Alba Party.

South Ayrshire Councillor Chris Cullen has left the SNP to join ALBA following Ash Regan MSP leading the way. 

Mr Cullen, a popular Carpenter who represents the Ayr East Ward, was first elected in 2017 and was re-elected in 2022. 

Ms Regan became the first Alba Member of the Scottish Parliament at the weekend when she was welcomed to the party by a packed hall of delegates at Alba’s Conference in Glasgow.

Speaking today ahead of her first appearance at the Scottish Parliament as an Alba member, Alba Party Holyrood leader Ash Regan MSP said: 

“At the weekend I asked voters to trust us to deliver what they have voted for - which is: politicians to get on with, and deliver Independence.

“I also urged people to re-commit to Scotland’s cause and to come and join ‘Team Independence’ in the Alba Party. 

“I am therefore pleased that we have achieved an important milestone in now having representation at every level of Government: at Westminster, Council level, and of course Holyrood where I hope to be the first of many Alba Party members of the Scottish Parliament.” 

Commenting on his decision to join Alba Party, Ayr East Councillor Chris Cullen said: 

I listened to Alex Salmond at the Alba Party Conference extend the hand of friendship to those who only now are facing the dawning realisation that they have been strung along by the SNP who have failed to deliver on independence. I was then completely blown away by Ash Regan’s decision to join Alba Party as she was someone that I already respected for her principled stance over the discredited Gender Recognition Reforms. 

“However, when she said in her speech that now hope returns to the Scottish Independence movement I was filled with renewed optimism for the future of Scotland for the first time in a long while. I knew then that there was only one action I could take, so I’m proud to announce today that I am now an Alba Party Councillor on South Ayrshire Council.”


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