Alba Party succeed in bid to put saving Grangemouth on the Ballot Paper at General Election

ALBA Party have succeeded in their bid eying to put the campaign to save Grangemouth on the ballot paper at the General Election. 

Alex Salmond’s Party have confirmed that they will stand a minimum of 12 candidates, with the Alba Party leader previously stating that he was confident his party’s total would be much more. 

Alba are currently completing their candidate vetting process ahead of their National Executive Committee approving the seats the Party will contest. 

Alba Party have two members of the UK Parliament after Westminster leader Neale Hanvey MP and Depute leader Kenny MacAskill MP joined the party when it launched in 2021. 

Kenny MacAskill MP has spearheaded the campaign to save the Grangemouth Oil Refinery from closure. He has been demanding that the UK and Scottish Governments act to ensure that Scotland retains its only refinery. 

In an application approved by the Electoral Commission today, Alba Party have been granted permission to use the description of “Alba Party - Save Grangemouth” on ballot papers at the General Election. It is a clear sign that the Party are lining up a bid to make a breakthrough in the new Alloa and Grangemouth seat by putting the future of the refinery front and centre of a campaign. 

Alba Party are the only political party campaigning to save the Grangemouth Oil refinery from closure and have carried out numerous days of action in the area to date. 

Commenting an Alba Party Spokesperson said: 

We are pleased that the Electoral Commission has approved putting the future of the Grangemouth Oii Refinery on the ballot paper at the General Election.

When it comes to saving Grangemouth oil refinery as a national asset for the whole country, as well as energy security for the future there is no bigger challenge facing Scotland right now.

“That is why ALBA Party launched a campaign to Save Grangemouth.

“Alba Party will stand with workers and ensure that Grangemouth does not go down without a fight and we will pressure both the Scottish and UK Governments to now get off the fence and back the workers wholeheartedly in their fight to save their jobs, their communities and the industrial future of Scotland.  Anything less would be a betrayal of these workers and of Scotland.”

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