Alba Slam Labour’s latest U-Turn - This time it’s on Zero Hours Contracts

Labour has effectively DUMPED its pledge to ban zero-hours contracts, say Alba Party.

Instead of an outright ban, Labour now say that zero-hours contracts will be allowed "if workers welcome flexibility themselves" according to a policy blueprint seen by the BBC.

Alba Party General Secretary Chris McEleny says that “allowing a system that Zero Hours Contracts can continue if welcomed by workers will only be welcomed by unscrupulous employers as it will maintain their ability to coerce employees into accepting a situation they don’t want in fear of losing out on work.”

Alex Salmond’s pro-independence Alba Party say that under Keir Starmer Labour have moved so far to the right that even the most basic of reforms have now been ruled out to “appease” potential Tory voters.

Over the course of the summer Starmer has now performed a series of u-turns: he changed is mind on tuition fees after previously pledging to scrap them; has now backed the Tory Two Child cap on benefits and ruled out scrapping the bedroom tax. Last week his Deputy leader Angela Rayner also failed to commit to an incoming Labour Government maintaining the Pensions Triple Lock.

Commenting Alba Party General Secretary Chris McEleny said:

“Labour have now started to turn its back on working people and have obviously determined that it’s better to get the betrayal in now whilst in opposition rather than later if in Government.

“Labours Zero Hours Contract Loophole will allow exploitative employers to continue to do just that - exploit workers. Any system that allows zero hours contracts if workers agree to them will have no means whatsoever to be policed. It will continue to result in workers across the country being forced to accept uncertain working hours in fear that not to welcome them will simply result in the work drying up.

“After a series of broken promises this summer there is now not a one way street in the UK that Keir Starmer could safely walk down incase he needs to make a u-turn on his way.”


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