ALBA to hold “Way Forward for Scotland” independence Conference

Alba Party are to hold a Special National Assembly in Perth on Saturday 10th December on the next steps for the independence movement in the aftermath of last week’s Supreme Court decision.

The Conference, which will be open to any member of the public to attend, titled “How to put Scotland’s Future Back in Scotland’s Hands - ALBA’s Way Forward” will be addressed by former First Minister Alex Salmond and Alba Party’s two MPs, Kenny MacAskill MP and Neale Hanvey.

The pro-independence party will set out their plan to progress Scotland’s campaign of self-determination and members of the public will be able to contribute their views on what the next steps must be to bend Westminster to the democratic will of Scotland.

Alba have a plan to move the argument forward. They advocate the immediate convening of an Independence Convention composed of all Scotland’s elected representatives and encompassing civic Scotland. Secondly, they propose popular agitation and peaceful protest to be embraced as a legitimate and essential part of the independence campaign. They also propose a sustained campaign of parliamentary interventions at Westminster and a series of political initiatives at Holyrood.

Alex Salmond’s party say that an independence Convention should immediately endorse Scotland’s right of self determination thrown into question by the extremity of the ruling of the Supreme Court.

Alba Party believe that any recourse to a Defacto Referendum poll, either at a Westminster or Holyrood election, must be fought as Scotland United for Independence, not in a normal party political way. They stress that is the only way to keep the campaign issue on independence and not on the track record of a single political party.

Commending Alba Party Chair Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh said:

“ Going cap in hand to a Court London was never a sensible tactic and the response from the establishment was even more extreme than expected. It is now imperative that Scotland’s future must placed back in Scotland’s hands. Alba Party have a plan to ensure that this happens. However, we know that the independence movement is bigger than any one political party, that is why we are calling on the entire independence movement to attend our event, listen to our vision for the way forward and put forward their own ideas.

“ Scotland right now needs a combination of popular action on the streets and a clear plan to take the country forward if we are to bend Westminster to our democratic will.”

Alba Party’s Special National Assembly will be held in the Dewar Centre Perth. You can register to attend here:


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